The Freeport Chronicles

The Marooned Lagoon

The Dirty Swan proves worthy prey


  • the companions locate the Marooned Lagoon
  • as recompense for their services, Misty agrees to repair the Shadow Swift and install upgrades
  • Thuron provides an update – Garvey is imprisoned in the Fortess of Justice, the Edict is in shambles, Thuron was barely able to escape town in one piece
  • unable to return, Thuron joins the crew of the Shadow Swift
  • Freight must travel to Everstand by the end of the week
  • a plan is set in motion, the companions will travel to Everstand and stop in Highhelm on the way to enlist the dwarves as allies
  • they will resupply in Austana and check in on the mage guild’s operative
  • on the way, the companions ally with the Kraken’s Spite
  • an attack on the Dirty Swan proves unsuccessful


With the help of their crew, the companions extricate themselves and their new found plunder from the sinking ghost ship. They check in on the dwarf, he is still unconscious but Zwicket assures them that he will recover over time. Their task complete, the group directs the Shadow Swift and Bloody Vengeance toward the nearby island where Misty’s secret base resides.

From their vantage point, this side of the island is made up primarily of massive rock outcroppings that make for some imposing walls. Give it is low tide, the companions sail the Shadow Swift toward the point of interest identified by Misty. The sea churns fiercely this close to the wall, the crew snaps to attention and pilots the dangerous waters with ease. As the ship nears the rock wall, the secret words are voiced. A portion of the wall instantly disappears to reveal a large sea cave. The Shadow Swift and Bloody Vengeance sail through the cave which opens into a natural lagoon. After the short but tense journey, the calmness and beauty of the lagoon strikes the companions as surreal. Misty has chosen well her base of operations.

The lagoon is split into several berths and the two ships are moored. The companions are met by Misty as they exit the Shadow Swift. “Welcome intrepid adventurers to the Marooned Lagoon. As a friend of the Shadow Council, I extend you an offer of safe harbor. Do you bring news?” The companions recount their naval engagement, advising that the ghost ship has been subdued. Misty is relieved to hear that the ship was patrolling the area haphazardly, and that it was not on a reconnaissance mission. “Well my dears, I am grateful for your assistance. Brac spoke truly about your abilities, you have proven your wroth. My services are at your disposal.” She provides an overview of her ship-modification business and details some of the upgrade modules she has available. In recompense for their work, she will repair the damage sustained to the Shadow Swift during the attack and provide an rudder enhancement upgrade free of charge. Along with the ironwood hull reinforcements found in the cargo hold, she estimates it will take 7 days to repair and upgrade the Shadow Swift. The companions look forward to a little down time.

The wishful thinking proves short lived. As soon as Misty leaves to begin work on the Shadow Swift, the companions spot a rowboat rapidly approaching. With unnatural speed, the small vessel docks at an empty berth, allowing the lithe figure of Thuron to disembark. The leader of the Swords of the Edict walks with purpose toward the companions. “Dear adventurers, you are a sight for sore eyes. I am afraid that matters have taken a turn for the worst in Freeport. In fact, I consider myself lucky to leave the city in one piece. The assassination attempts have increased in scope and purpose, the last of which included a detonation that near leveled the main floor of the Temple of Knowledge. In the chaos of the attack, I was able to disguise myself as one of the assailants and escape unbeknownst. They assume that I died in the blast, and I have used that premise to leave my former life behind. It was difficult to leave the Edict in such a state.” A tear escapes his eye. For a moment, Thuron seems much older in appearance before he is able to collect himself and continue. “The Shadow Council is in good hands, I have faith in Brac and Dune and their ability to push forward our mission.”

Looking at each of the companions in turn. “Yes, I see the concern in your eyes. Garvey did not return to the Council. We had feared that he died to cover our escape. Well, Dune recently heard from his contacts in government that there is a new prisoner in the Fortress of Justice. One that is kept within a magic-negating cell. We hope it is he.” He hesitates, the companions remain silent allowing him time to collect his thoughts. “Shortly after the attack, I felt compelled to check on his work. I disguised myself and entered the Mage’s Guild. They were suspicious from the start, so I was not able to spend the time that I would have liked, but I was able to review some of his research regarding the onyx shards. As mentioned, there were documented sightings back to the founding of Freeport. Interestingly, he had identified a recent sighting that occurred in the Inner Sea near the town of Augustana. An operative by the name of Felwicks was sent to meet a local contact named Hezband to investigate. There were no further notes.” The statement lingers for a time, allowing for conclusions to be drawn, alternatives weighed.

The conversation soon returns to the Shadow Council’s missive regarding the companions’ travels to Highhelm. Although the Council’s efforts to thwart the cult are expected to succeed, it would be helpful to have a military ally as backup in case they do not. The companions advise they are making progress toward this objective – a suitable trophy has been acquired for presentation to the High King of the Dwarves, but they are still working on an appropriate gift to signify their sense of duty as well as to gain the dwarves’ trust.

This discussion strikes a chord with Freight. Unable to keep it inside any longer, she recounts a recurring nightmare. Although she is unable to recall details, the dreams include both Yarrash, the supernatural pirate that attacked the Shadow Council, and Besmara. She awoke from her latest episode to the smell of brine, seawater, and fresh gunpowder. The last image she can remember is a green and white chequered flag flying above robust city walls. Subsequently, Besmara visited her in person and told her presence is needed in Everstand by the end of the week. If she is unable to comply, the pirate goddess has threatened to disown her. Conferring with Lando, the pennant is identified as that of Everstand, a region that the gnome is interested in visiting given questions arising from his vision. Conveniently, the city of Highhelm resides on the route to Everstand.

This news is sufficient for the rest of the group to sign on to the task at hand – the companions decide to make their way to Everstand, visiting the dwarven capital on the way. Further, they plan to make a pit stop in Augustana to resupply and check in on the mage guild’s operative. Excited by the premise, Thuron agrees to join the crew of the Shadow Swift. The companions are thrilled at the offer and quickly accept. That said, their flagship is under repair and unable to make the trip in the required time frame. As such, the companions plan to sail with the Bloody Vengeance in the morning. When the work is complete, Thuron and crew will meet the companions up north.

Their plans set, the companions bed down for the night. The group sails with the Bloody Vengeance in the morning, leaving the sea cave at low tide shortly after sun rise. Another ship, a viking longboat, is attempting to enter and hails the Vengeance. Given the ship is flying Misty’s flag of allegiance, the companions answer the summons and parlay. The officers name the ship as the Kraken’s Spite. The companions learn that:

  • the longboat is crewed by barbarians from the north
  • they are on a mission to find a holy relic for Everstand in return for fame and fortune
  • they were part of a group of ships that was destroyed by an elven fleet, the survivors created the Spite from the wreckage of that battle
  • besides their search for the artefact, they patrol the region in an effort to disrupt slaving
  • they are presently attempting to track down the Dusty Rose, a ship in allegiance to the Cheliax nation

Given question about the Glengarry Chain, it becomes apparent that the artefact they are searching for is in the companion’s possession. As their interests are aligned – they wish to return to the holy relic to Everstand and are engaged in anti-slaving tactics in the region – the companions believe it best to seek an alliance. The group confirms that they are in possession of the holy relic and are in the process of returning it to Everstand. That said, the Bloody Vengeance is vulnerable on the high seas and a strong ally would be beneficial. In recompense for assisting in the return of the artefact, the companions are willing to spilt the reward. In the meantime, the Vengeance is dedicated to disrupting slaving in the region. The barbarians agree to the terms and an allegiance is struck. The companions split their stores with the Spite, who were hoping to resupply in the Marooned Lagoon, so that they can commence their journey immediately.

Feeling more confident with the longboat’s protection, the Bloody Vengeance strikes out for the Andoran city of Augustana. As the near the coastal town, the allies chance upon a naval engagement already in progress. Two ships, one of which is identified as the Dirty Swan, are locked in combat. The other ship is identified as the Cetaceal, known to engage in the area on anti-slaving missions with the backing of the Eagle Knights from Andoran.

A snap decision is made and the Bloody Vengeance and Kraken’s Spite join the fray. With the Dirty Swan already engaged, the companions are able to board the ship with ease. Further, the crew is busy defending the advances of the other ships, allowing the companions to close on the officers without interference. As the battle rages across the deck of the Dirty Rose, the companions strike at the vulnerable officers. The element of surprise is short-lived, and the officers of the Swan, a militaristic order of monks, quickly mount an effective counterattack. Although Anton and Magus are able to drop one of the two officers protecting the Captain, they are quickly overcome by the monk’s superior martial prowess.

His companions subdued in short order, Lando escapes from the battle to enlist support. Rounding up a group of allies, a counter surge pushes the Swan’s officers to the aft castle, allowing for the retrieval of the unconscious companions. Lando and crew quickly return to the Bloody Vengeance to nurse their wounds. They watch from the safety of the deck as the Dirty Swan deftly disengages the other two ships and sails toward the horizon.

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