The City of Freeport

From humble beginnings, the City of Freeport has grown into a bustling haven for those seeking opportunity. It is not, however, for the faint of heart – it has acquired its reputation as the “City of Adventure” for good measure. It is, to be blunt, a city of delights, of vices and excess. Money talks, corruption reins, the black market thrives, and pirates walk the docks. For those with a keen wit and a sharp sword, there are deals to be made, intrigues planned, conspiracies hatched, and just as many heroes born as dreams crushed.


Freeport draws both the hopeful and the hopeless from all over the world. For all the people that live here, Freeport is not a huge, sprawling metropolis. Rather, it is a modest city with a character of its own. It started as a small village that grew far faster than the original founders ever expected. Therefore, much of the city has been added haphazardly, with new sections built to accommodate the influx of settlers. A pristine city with whitewashed buildings and perfectly symmetrical streets it is not – the City of Adventure has growth without regard for planning, and it shows.

As Freeport grew, neighborhoods formed, bound by common interests, wealth, and influence. In time, these clusters developed into the current districts.

The Docks
Eastern District
Drac’s End
Temple District
Merchant District
Warehouse District
The Old City


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