Sir William Carson

Swords of the Edict


A young cleric and member of the Swords of the Edict, an order born from the ashes of the Church of Retribution. Carson’s primary interests relate to academic study, with a focus on the dark arts. This aligns well with the order’s seek and destroy mentality towards the occult, a mandate inherited from the Church.

Carson was introduced to the life of Ironjack through the discovery of one of his journals in the order’s library. The journal provides a record of Ironjack’s accidental construction of a gateway to another plane, possibly hell. Carson has petitioned the Edict to provide him the monetary backing to continue his research into Ironjack and his experience with the portal.

He mysteriously vanished several years ago after he was caught accessing several books and records in the order’s library that he did not have appropriate clearance to view. Of note, Carson was not heard from again for 4 years, a period that he has no memory of. He was allowed to rejoin the Edict on appeal, which was personally adjudicated by the head of the order.

Carson is very interested in understanding his travels and travails during his time away. He is also keen to learn more about Ironjack so that he can legitimize his research and elevate his standing within the order.

Campaign update
Carson is missing.

Sir William Carson

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