The Freeport Chronicles

The Rum Punch Festival

Having received too many bumps on the head over countless adventures, Lando is forthcoming that many tales have, for whatever reason, slipped through the ephemeral sieve that serves as his memory. Others are so fantastical that they are not likely to have occurred. And several appear to be narrated out of order.

The following chapters are a good example of this latter condition. That said, the author has been diligent in confirming the stories to eye-witness accounts, and has therefore maintained the original sequencing as presented by second scribe Lando.

  • The companions awake on the beach of a strange island town, groggy, bleary-eyed, and reeking of rum
  • The group is greeted by a cleric of Caden Cailean named Anyabwile who tells them about the Rum Punch festival that is currently underway
  • Anyabwile shows the companions around the town of Lillywhite including indulging in some of the local hospitality through a drinking contest prior to watching the main event: the parade of freedom
  • A shot rings out over the assembled crowd and Captain Varossa Lanteri challenges anyone who wishes to help her find the lost treasure of the infamous pirate Captain Jemma Redclaw to be the first at the God’s Revel Inn
  • In the crush of the crowd the group make it to the Inn where they are challenged by a pit fighter and his companions for the coveted spots on Lanteri’s crew
  • In spite of Captain Lanteri’s urging not to spill blood, the companions use lethal violence against their foes before the captain calls off the fight declaring the group as the winners and shaming the surviving pit fighter
  • The group is welcomed aboard Captain Lanteri’s ship, the Magpie Princess, as full members of the crew
  • The companions are told that after a recent mutiny the Magpie Princess is damaged and in need of repairs before she can set sail in search of Captain Redclaw’s treasure
  • The group is tasked with seeking out someone in the lumber yard that can create a new masthead for the ship and are given a budget. They are warned about one of the captain’s enemies, a tengu named Hyrix Snowfeather, who led a failed mutiny against Lanteri but escaped capture and who is thought to be stalking the captain and her allies
  • At the lumberyard the companions are informed they can have a masthead rushed free of charge if they can deal with the ongoing problem of loggers going missing in the jungle, preventing the sourcing of quality wood
  • The group proceeds into the jungle to find the missing loggers and discovers a group of River Drakes that appear to be the cause of the disappearances. The drakes are dispatched and the group receives the carved masthead in return
  • Back on the ship the crew and the companions install the masthead and assist with other chores to get the vessel seaworthy while the captain and her entourage head back to town for supplies and to tie up some loose ends
  • That night Freight is awakened by the sound of a woman’s voice calling for help outside. She goes up onto the deck and helps the woman up to the ship but she turns out to be Mother Grund, a green hag known to haunt the swamps around Lillywhite
  • As the companions battle the hag, Hyrix Snowfeather appears on board the ship searching for Lanteri and information relating to the Three Reasons to Live, the key known to give access to Captain Jemma Redclaw’s treasure
  • The group dispatches Mother Grund and Hyrix Snowfeather. Upon her return, Captain Lanteri makes an example of Hyrix Snowfeather, showing them all that his fate will be theirs should anyone further consider mutiny aboard her vessel

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