The Freeport Chronicles

Pit Stop in Port Peril

Marooned with Misty


  • the hidden treasury of the cyclops is found
  • the companions journey to Port Peril
  • a disturbance is investigated, a second segment of dark onyx crystal fuses with Sil’s baby
  • the Marooned Doubloon is located and Misty Banghorse introduced
  • the companions agree to take care of a ship that is patrolling her territory


A search of the cyclopean structure yields several documents, including a map outlining the location of Ahk’ea, where the lost treasury of the cyclops is rumored to reside. Lando delves wholeheartedly into the other scrolls which relate to the Cult of the Eye, a religious sect that worships the Eye of Abendego, which they believe heralds the return of the cyclops. The cult primarily works out of Tempest Cay, an island not far from the Cannibal Isles. The island is also home to Besmaran priests, who are known to keep a close eye on the Cult.

The companions collect the head of the Blood Queen, a trophy that they hope to present to Borogrim, King of the Dwarves, to gain his respect. Returning to their ships, the companions are happy to hear that a contingent of Kuru sailors, wishing to support the group’s anti-slaving objective, has joined the crew. As the ship’s prepare to sail, the companions row out to the location identified on the map. Searching under water, the pinnacle of a large building can be seen. Anton, who is able to breathe under water, explores the hidden temple and confirms the rumor – it does indeed contain the lost treasury of the cyclops (about 9k of gold and gems), which is quickly transferred to the ships.

All paths seem to lead to Port Peril, one of the larger ports in the Shackles, so the companions set sail for the city. The trip is supported by a steady wind and 3 days later the ships are able to moor in the main docks located within the Crescent Harbor. The ships are quickly inspected, coins exchanged, and the companions are soon on land again.

Their reputation preceding them, a gentleman in the employ of Misty, the contact that Lord Brack had recommended they seek out, introduces himself and offers to lead the companions to the Marooned Doubloon. The kind offer is accepted, and the companions follow the guide through the twisting alleyways and maze-like streets of Port Peril. On the way, the group learns that Misty has developed a reputation as a bitter and untrusting person and has earned the nickname the Thrice Spurned given her unfortunate history – she was abandoned by her father who was the captain of a ship based out of Port Peril, she called Freeport home for a period until she was expelled from the city, she became captain of her own ship only to have her crew mutiny but regained control before her crew mysteriously disappeared. All in all, she sounds like the kind of the person the companions would like to meet.

The alleyways open into local marketplaces from time to time. Marching past one such square, raised voices and fleeing gentry gain the companions attention. From a distance, the group can see a disturbance between a fish monger and a customer on the opposite side of the square. Their curiosity piqued, the companions decide to investigate.

Approaching cautiously, the group observes the fish monger acting strangely as if possessed. A second local, assumed to be a customer, stands inert next to the vendor. The fish monger makes several arcane gestures and an section of the market erupts into a heaving mess, vapors rising from the ground. Many from the crowd sag and fall unmoving to the ground. A purple aura pulses around the fish monger, reaching a crescendo and then dissipating as the spell is cast. The aura flares and appears to jump to the customer, who immediately becomes agitated and moves about in a threatening manner. The fish monger goes limp.

The companions bee-line for the customer hoping to grab his attention before he can kill more innocent townsfolk. Anton and Magus Mike engage the possessed creature in hand-to-hand combat. Up close, Magus notices an onyx shard, similar to the one that fused with Sil’s baby, lodged in the customer’s chest. The battle proves costly for Anton as the possessed creature transforms Anton into a stone statue. Distraught, Magus lands a mortal blow on the creature. As the body falls limp to the ground, the shard dislodges and flies into a crowd of onlookers attempting to flee the square, spearing one unsuspecting victim in the back.

Before it has an opportunity to act, Lando manages to catch the new host in a funnel of prismatic sand, the alternating patterns fascinating the creature. Hoping to end the conflict, Magus Mike grabs the shard and attempts to physically remove it from the creature. The shard comes out freely and takes advantage of the situation by spearing the magus in the chest. Dark tendrils appear, reminding the companions of their experience in the Temple of the Unspeakable One, and reach into the magus’ soul.

Compelled, the magus unleashes a fireball into the square. A second fireball explodes from the general vicinity of the fish monger, wreaking havoc across the square. Many of those not lucky enough to have exited the market are reduced to ash. Lando manages to avoid the majority of the chaos by ducking behind a building for cover. While the shard’s focus is concentrated elsewhere, Lando is able to dispel the magical effects causing Anton’s stone-like state.

The halfling immediately rejoins the fray. As he nears the magus, the baby on his back begins to squirm as events appear to slow. The magus falls to his knees as the shard, shaking vigorously, dislodges from his chest and floats directly toward the baby. The dark crystal is absorbed, fusing with the baby’ skin, this time on a different part of his chest. The outline of a shape begins to form, the outside smooth, the inside of the contours jagged. Further, the child appears to grow. Now a toddler, a frightened voice asks “Why?”. Innocent eyes survey the group.

With the sounds of the city guard quickly approaching, Lando casts invisibility sphere to assist in their escape from the square. The companions head to the Marooned Doubloon post-haste. The nautical-themed pub is easy enough to find. The proprietor of the business, Misty Banghorse, introduces herself soon thereafter. “Hear you folks had quite an adventure on the way here.” Her stern features are broken by a playful wink. “Well, I’ll make this short as I myself am on my way out. Brac sent word ahead that you would find me. I offer safe harbour to those in need, like yourselves. That said, I have a little issue that I think you may assist me with, a little quid pro quo as they say.” A knowing nod from Anton. “The Doubloon is a side business I operate to keep the appearance of being legit. My main operation is upgrading ships, it’s located not far from here. Recently, a ship has been patrolling the territory, keeping tabs on me I think. They haven’t attacked any of my customers yet, but I don’t want word getting out about my business, if you know what I mean. If you would take care of this problem, I’d be in your debt.”

The companions quickly confer and agree. Misty appears relieved. “Excellent. Alright, well here is a map to the Marooned Lagoon, a literal safe harbour. To reach the lagoon, you will need to access a sea cave here,” she points to a mark on the map, “at low tide and speak the words jibboom keelson.” She hands the companions a colorful flag, “And please fly this burgee when you are in the vicinity. It will let me know you’re friendly. Good luck.” Misty gives a sailor’s salute as she leaves the pub. The companions collect some supplies before heading back to their ships to commence the journey to the Marooned Lagoon.

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