The Freeport Chronicles

Ghosty McBoatface

Combat on the high seas


  • the ghost ship is located
  • the companions successfully board the ship
  • the spectral crew is dispatched
  • the dwarf captain, who was possessed, is saved
  • the ship is looted before it sinks


Setting sail from Port Peril, the journey to the island identified by Misty as the location of the Marooned Lagoon takes most of the day. On the way, the companions gather intel from Ansor and J-Todd about the naval engagement they are about to undertake. They glean that the ship they are going to attack is haunted. It is rumored that, besides the captain, there are no mortal crew aboard.

The ghost ship is easy to locate and indeed appears to be patrolling the island. Looking through their spyglasses, the companions are amazed that the ship is still afloat. There are gaping holes throughout the structure of the hull. The sails are fully rigged and taking wind. After several minutes of observation, the companions are able to identify a ghost crew of about 30 on deck, ephemeral figures that appear to flit between the material and ethereal plans. A dwarf, assumed to be captain of the ship, stands astride the aft castle attended by two spectral officers.

Realizing that the ship is staying afloat through magical means, the companions ask that Zwicket and Loquacious bless the cannon balls about to be fired at the opposing ship. Using cloud cover, the companions are able to stealthily guide the Shadow Swift into range without being noticed by the opposing ship. The Bloody Vengeance hangs back out of sight.

The Shadow Swift opens fire on the ghost ship. The cannonballs shatter the physical hull. Underneath, a ghostly spirit force ripples fiercely under the bombardment. The spectral crew on deck appear shocked at the turn of events. Unsure of what to do, they look to the quartermaster and 1st mate for orders. Lando, closely observing the ship and its crew, notes that the captain appears to be possessed and that the officers are in charge. This information is relayed to the others.

The element of surprise on their side, Freight commands the Shadow Swift to close swiftly. The crew, a well-oiled machine, jumps into action, speeding the ship forward. As the gap closes, the ghost ship is able to fire off multiple rounds, the cannon blasts resulting in devastating damage. The companions focus the Shadow Swift’s return fire on deck drastically reducing the number of crew combatants in anticipation of boarding

The two ships crash together in an ear splitting cacophony. The crew of the Shadow Swift works quickly to lash the ships together as the boarding team clears the gap. With the remaining ghost crew posing little threat, the companions concentrate their efforts on the officers on the aft castle. All three appear spectral in nature with a bluish white aura.

Wishing to isolate the captain, Lando creates a web around the three officers. The quartermaster and 1st mate, both incorporeal, walk through the strands; however, the captain, who is still alive, becomes entangled within the mesh. The captain screams as a tall human form, ethereal in nature, strides from the inert body of the dwarf. The inhuman scream strikes fear in the companions, with all but Anton running blindly from the melee. Lando and Magus pitch overboard between the ships, Freight manages to make the gap as she flees to the opposite side of the Shadow Swift.

Suddenly outnumbered, Anton uses a special power to turn ethereal. The cagey swashbuckler takes advantage of the bewildered officers to score a big hit and drop the quartermaster. This proves timely as the captain joins the fray shortly thereafter, and it is all that Anton can do to hold off the two.

While they are engaged in melee, Lando climbs back on-board the ship by magical means. With the help of an invisibility spell, he collects the unconscious body of the dwarf and drags him back to the Shadow Swift. Entrusted to the care of Zwicket, Lando returns to the melee, along with Magus Mike, who has recently returned topside with the assistance of the crew.

The two head toward the battle to relieve Anton. The magus hurdles the railing and fires a magical hook that grapples an unsuspecting 1st mate. Using the hook to propel him through the air, the magus completes the manoeuvre by running the spectral officer through with his elven blade while unleashing a shocking grasp. The 1st mate’s ghostly form crumples to the deck.

With the momentum of the battle turning, the captain manages to grasp the halfling by the throat. The touch attack drains a fatigued Anton, rendering him unconscious. He is not down for long, as Freight announces her return by channeling energy. With the assistance of a rejuvenated Anton, the companions are able to overcome the supernatural abilities of the captain and gain control of the ship.

The ghost crew disposed, the soul is irreparably damaged. As the magical force maintaining the ship quickly fades, water begins to pour into through the damaged hull. Understanding they have little time, the team splits up to search the ship.

  • Magus Mike locates a key on the quartermaster. He heads through the sailor’s mess to the armory. The key allows him to bypass the reinforced door. Inside, there are racks of armor, weapons, and ship modules. A quick appraisal of the room narrows his focus on a magical ring (+8 vs poison, +2 to will). He grabs the ring and manages to exit the room before water fills it completely.
  • Freight heads into the cargo hold. The large room is filled with decades of random plunder and odds and ends. Surveying the room, she focuses on a pile of timber that appears valuable. She positions the timber in such a way that the rising water level pushes the floating stack through the door of the hold for easy retrieval.
  • The rest of the companions head toward the officer’s quarters. The locked entrance proves little challenge for Romica. The captain’s quarters are spartan, aligning with the companions understanding that he was basically a prisoner. Separate doors lead to the quartermaster and 1st mate’s quarters. Given limited time, the companions split up with Romica and Lando searching the quartermaster’s room and Anton the 1st mate’s.
    • The 1st mate’s room has three items of note: a treasure chest, a footlocker, and an armoire. Romica picks up the treasure chest for further inspection aboard the Shadow Swift.
    • Within the quartermaster’s room, Anton locates a haversack of holding filled with gems (27k) and an exquisite suit of armor (+3).

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