The Freeport Chronicles

Dangerous Waters

  • The crew and the companions spend the following day making the final preparations; the captain, feeling uneasy following the ambush by Snowfeather, delays departure until the following day
  • After their final day in port, the crew is given leave for one final night of revelry wherein the ship’s bard, Jaspin “Heartbreak” Hinsin, serenades the crew with the tale of the Three Reasons to Live
  • Three pirates, including Captain Lanteri’s late husband, slew a great brine dragon named Nicorydine among whose treasure they found a magic instrument with documents claiming it to be the key to accessing the legendary treasure of Captain Redclaw. The pirates split the instrument into three pieces and agreed that whoever lived longest could claim the treasure. Nicorydine’s son, Kelizar, avenged his mother’s death by killing one of the pirates and sinking his ship. Another was hanged by Besmaran priests at Blackwarn’s Gallows. Warvil Lanteri was killed by his wife in a heated argument where Warvil drew his pistol and threatened to kill Varossa. With all three dead, Varossa Lanteri is now setting out to find the three pieces of the magical horn that will open the gates to Redclaw’s treasure.
  • The following day the crew sets out in the direction of Blackwarn’s Gallows but are intercepted by a siren along the way that charms members of the crew. The group does what they can to not injure any of their former allies while they dispatch the source of the danger, ingratiating themselves towards their new crew
  • The ship arrives at Blackwarn’s Gallows later that evening and drop anchor
  • The companions are briefed on their target: Captain Rahil Harkhalm, or more specifically his peg-leg where his piece of the Three Reasons to Live is thought to be hidden
  • The group sets out in a skiff accompanied by two aging crew members and approach the massive stone arch from which hang three decaying corpses – the least decayed among them sports a peg leg
  • Following an encounter with a Karkinoi matriarch and her two brood swarms that nearly killed Romica and Magus Mike (twice), the group reaches the top of the arch to find the body of Captain Harkhalm
  • The companions pull up the bodies of those hanged from the arch and build a funeral pyre to put them to rest after they loot each corpse for any valuables
  • A search of Captain Harkhalm’s peg leg reveals the mouthpiece for the Three Reasons to Live among other magical items
  • Back aboard the ship, Romica becomes stricken with fever and an aversion to salt water that even the ship’s doctor is unable to treat – a curse for desecrating Besmaran sacred ground
  • Upon the waves the Magpie Princess is beset by a preternatural storm that claims some of the crew members in the rigging of the ship
  • Magus Mike receives a vision from the sentient storm of the group riding water horses across the sea to the sound of pipes playing as the sky around them darkens and an immense pirate ship appears
  • The Magpie Princess reaches the atoll ruled over by the dragon Kelizar, the son of Nicorydine, where the second piece of the Three Reasons to Live is known to rest in the sunken wreck of the Sabre’s Kiss
  • The captain asks the companions to pose as captain(s) lest Kelizar recognize Lanteri for being part of the crew that killed his mother. She provides magical cloaks and costumes to help the companions look the part. To Anton she provides a golden ring of protection
  • The companions negotiate passage in Kelizar’s atoll to look for an item of sentimental value
  • The underwater reef proves dangerous but the companions manage to successfully enter the shipwreck where they are haunted by one of the crew of the Sabre’s Kiss and the last moments of his life
  • The Sabre’s Kiss is under attack and the companions can feel the hull shaking with blows from above deck. Ahead they see a younger version of Captain Lanteri in embrace with Halid, the Boatswain of the Sabre’s Kiss. He urges her to get back to her ship lest her husband find her and as a parting gift he gives her a golden ring. As she departs up to the main deck the head of a dragon bursts through the hull, spraying the inside of the ship with acid breath and killing Halid.
  • As the haunt lifts, the ghost of Halid attacks the group. The ghost’s power seems overwhelming until he notices the ring upon Anton’s finger, the momentary lapse being enough for the group to get the best of him and put him to rest
  • The companions search the remaining cabins of the sunken wreck and find some magical items as well as the end piece of the Three Reasons to Live
  • The Magpie Princess makes its way toward Warvil’s Folly, the island where Warvil Lanteri was marooned and where Varossa Lanteri believes the final piece of the Three Reasons to Live is hidden
  • The companions set off toward the island and make landfall in a cove deep inside the island where they encounter Brooke Shields, a Triton. They aid her in rescuing one of her hippocampus herd from two attacking sea cats. She tells of the difficulty she has had with a water fey that has moved into the area and claims Brook Shields’ herd of hippocampi as her own
  • Climbing the mountain paths into the jungle the companions run into a lizardfolk tribe that believes the group to be kin of the tribe’s long lost friend Warvil. In exchange for helping to kill some of their enemies, they provide the group with talismans that will provide them access to the temple where Warvil kept some of his belongings
  • Within the temple the companions meet Kahobeah, the air elemental guardian put in place to ensure that no one tries to reclaim the temple from nature. He remembers Warvil and allows entry to claim what remains of his effects
  • The group discovers a map of the Shackles with the island location of Captain Redclaw’s treasure clearly marked but the final piece of the Three Reasons to Live is absent among Warvil’s things
  • The companions return to the beach to return to the Magpie Princess but they are intercepted by Brooke Shields who tells them that their ship has already sailed without them. She can help them get off the island if they will help her deal with the cursed water fey that continues to harass her and the hippocampus herd
  • After the defeat of the water fey, Brooke Shields provides the companions with a set of pipes made from coral that summon hippocampus mounts upon which they can pursue the Magpie Princess and get their revenge

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