The Freeport Chronicles

Black Coral Cove

  • The companions set off on their water mounts in pursuit of the Magpie Princess. Their old ship is in sight but far enough ahead that they are unlikely to catch up before it makes landfall upon Brightglass Island – the location on Warvil’s map identified as the location of Jemma Redclaw’s treasure
  • The skies darken around the ship; the sea below turns into an enormous whirlpool as the black sky above mirrors the sea, churning into a swirling vortex pulling light and clouds upwards into the heavens. Ahead a massive, black pirate ship appears and the figure of a raven-haired pirate captain manifests, floating toward them; her face black on one side and white on the other. In the blink of an eye, the companions are on the deck of the ship and she stands before them, flanked by four clockwork Mighty Men, one of them missing an arm
  • Besmara, the Goddess of Piracy requests that the companions aid her with three worldly matters:
    • to capture and bring forth Captain Varossa Lanteri, who has been pilfering and plundering shrines, holy sites, treasure, and offerings left for the goddess
    • to retrieve the clockwork arm from the body of Captain Jemma Redclaw so that it may be fitted back where it belongs, on one of Besmara’s mighty guardians
    • to free one of her own clerics by the name of Freight who is possessed by a malevolent spirit and bound in the hold of the Magpie Princess by the group’s former crew
  • The companions agree and, as Besmara’s ghostly ship disappears from view and the seas return to normal, they discover themselves in front of the Magpie Princess, anchored just off the shore from Brightglass Island
  • The companions board the Magpie Princess and discover Lanteri, Hinsin, and Vancid Creed have all gone ashore in search of the treasure. Freight had to be subdued and tied up as her possession was causing her to develop stigmata wounds and become violent toward the crew. Exorcism is possible but no one aboard has a holy symbol of Besmara with which to complete the ritual
  • The party follows the captain and her allies into the ancient temple where they find Hinsin unconscious. When revived he reluctantly agrees to come along with them to find Lanteri
  • The way forward becomes blocked with a black coral / chitin / obsidian type substance that is sharp and seems to emanate a low hum. When Romica breaks through it to go deeper into the temple the shards break into a deep indigo dust before disappearing completely
  • The companions stumble across a black, rune-covered chest within which floats a black shard made of a shiny, glass-like black substance similar to the black coral chitin seen around the temple. The shard oozes dark indigo shadows and has the imprint of a tentacle upon is surface. When placed in a bag of holding light returns to the chest and they find a simple, leather-bound journal of a fisherman
  • The companions enter a secluded cove within a great cave where they discover an aging, derelict ship covered in black coral and obsidian secretions like armor plating. The group recognizes the ship as Captain Jemma Redclaw’s vessel, the Fearsome Tide
  • On the deck of the ship, the companions encounter Captain Jemma Redclaw – decomposing and covered in black coral, but moving as if very much alive – and Captain Varossa Lanteri – still breathing, but covered in the same black coral and seemingly controlled by an unseen force
  • After dispatching the two captains the group is set upon by a monstrous incultis lord, his tentacles lashing out to embed his mind-controlling stingers into anyone he strikes
  • The party successfully dispatches the incultis lord but not before Romica and Hinsin are impaled by the aberration’s stingers, requiring Lando and Magus’ unskilled hands to try and remove them
  • The Three Reasons to Live is used to retrieve Captain Jemma Redclaw’s treasure.
  • Given that the entrance has been blocked by coral, the companions are unable to sail the ship out of the cave and instead fashion a travois to carry the injured, along with Lanteri, back to the beach.
  • The crew isn’t thrilled when they learn that Lanteri is held captive, but accept the companion’s authority when they advise that her fate will be decided by Besmara.
  • The ship’s doctor is called to attend to Freight who advised that traditional forms of medication will not help. A shrine to the Goddess of Piracy is created and her power flows through the doctor. A magical grog is created and fed to the semi-conscious Freight.
  • The cleric comes to and tells of seeking Besmara before a darkness descended. Freight remembers nothing after that point.
  • A sunny day to this point, a cloud bank violently rolls in, surrounding the vessel. When the clouds part, the companions find themselves on the ship of Besmara, where the companions present the Goddess with:
    • Captain Varossa, who must answer for her malicious plundering of pirate shrines to Besmara. Instead of making an example of the Captain, Besmara binds Varossa to ply the seas as part of crew, forevermore. Lanteri is visibly shaken.
    • the clockwork arm is returned, as requested.
    • Freight is presented to the Goddess as proof that her possession has been overcome.
  • As reward, the companions are permitted to keep Redclaw’s treasure. Further, Besmara draws a deck of many things from her pocket, and the companions select magical cards, for better or worse.
  • Clouds enshroud the ship again, and the companions find themselves back on the deck of the Shadow Swift.

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