The Freeport Chronicles

The thick pall of smoke, hinting of something arcane, threatens to overwhelm. A wizened hand steadies you, the small face protruding from the haze offering a mischievous grin. The accompanying voice, sibilant and quietly disarming, drifts forward on hidden contours, the source of the words obscured by a beard so profuse it disorients. “You journey far to seek the truth, a most noble pursuit. As you wish, I have a story to tell, one as long in the tooth as I am tall. So please sit, and make yourself comfortable.” A chair embraces you like an old friend, long-lost but not forgotten. A smile, as wide as the world remembered from your youth, affixes you with its mesmerizing gaze. “A legend, yes, of a slightly criminal cabal of law-fearing scalawags and rapscallions. The tale of those that would one day be known as the Freeport Five.”

- Lamentations of Old Man Lando

The following recounts the ramblings of Lando, Second Scribe of the Order of Absolom (twice removed), specifically relating to his time with the very persons that would establish, and indeed define, the Freeport Five. For the record, Lando would like it to be known that there were more than five members of the group, but numbers never got in the way of clever marketing.

Glossary of Useful Resources

Interlude – A Harrowing Experience

Book 3 – The Stand

Interlude – Isle of Terror

Book 2 – Scourge of the High Seas

Interlude – Plunder & Peril

Book 1 – The Ironjack Parable

The Freeport Chronicles

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